aerial view of forest in fog

International Boreal Conservation Campaign

The international boreal conservation campaign works directly with dozens of Indigenous nations and partners with other Indigenous and nongovernmental organizations, corporations, and scientists to build support for the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework. The framework aims to protect this globally vital ecosystem by safeguarding a minimum 50% of the boreal as new parks and wildlife preserves and by implementing state-of-the-art sustainable development practices in the remaining landscape. Roughly 1,500 scientists from around the world, as well as scores of Indigenous groups, conservation organizations, and businesses support the plan.

This broad coalition reflects the partners’ understanding that when Indigenous nations have the freedom to determine the fate of their traditional lands, many protect at least 50% and apply careful governance to development in the other half, resulting in enhanced conservation and greater certainty for industry in the region.

In addition to Indigenous-led efforts, bold new conservation measures have also come from Quebec and other provincial and territorial governments. And at the federal level, Canada has committed to protecting 30% of its lands by 2030 to honor international biodiversity commitments. Partnerships among the federal, provincial, and territorial governments and Indigenous nations will help ensure that Canada achieves these goals and will also provide new opportunities for conservation gains.