Health Impact Project


Centers and Experts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthy Places

The CDC site offers an overview of the HIA process and points to other sites and articles that provide deeper context. 

UCLA Health Impact Assessment Clearinghouse Learning and Information Center

This site, administered by the University of California, Los Angeles, summarizes and links to dozens of HIAs conducted in the United States. It also provides HIA guides, news, academic research and links to other HIA resources. 

HIA Blog

This blog offers commentary on worldwide HIA and health policy developments. Its authors are health policy researchers at the University of New South Wales and the Institute of Occupational Medicine in the United Kingdom. 

HIA Connect

An Australian offering, this site gives an overview of HIAs and links to guides, research and news. Sponsored by the University of New South Wales. 

HIA Gateway

The British Association of Public Health Observatories operates this information clearinghouse. Guides, reports and case examples found here give detailed advice on conducting and evaluating HIAs. The site includes a glossary of HIA terms. 

Human Impact Partners

A California nonprofit that is a leader in conducting HIAs in the United States. The site provides an HIA toolkit as well as HIA training materials and other resources. 

IMPACT/International HIA Consortium

IMPACT, based at the United Kingdom’s University of Liverpool, does HIA research, consulting and training. Its Web site provides links to its HIAs, which address topics ranging from employment programs to generating energy by burning waste. 

San Francisco Department of Environmental Health Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability (and the San Francisco Bay Area HIA Collaborative)

San Francisco and Los Angeles have pioneered the use of HIAs in the United States. The “Tools” page provides contact information for local officials knowledgeable about particular techniques. 

Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment (SOPHIA)

SOPHIA is an organization serving the needs of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) practitioners in North America and worldwide.

University of California (UC), Berkeley, Health Impact Group

The Health Impact Group, an affiliate of UC, Berkeley, promotes and conducts HIAs in the San Francisco Bay area. This site summarizes the group’s work and offers links to other HIA resources. 

World Health Organization (WHO) Health Impact Assessment

A WHO Web site specializing in international HIAs, its examples span a variety of issues and countries, from the closure of public swimming pools in Scotland to the entry of poisonous spiders into New Zealand.