Health Impact Project



The Health Impact Project currently funds a series of HIA demonstration projects working across a range of sectors and geographic locations throughout the country.

HIA Demonstration Projects 
Demonstration projects fund a single HIA to inform decisions on proposed local, tribal, or state policies, projects, plans, or programs. The Health Impact Project seeks to produce a balanced portfolio of completed HIAs that build a compelling case for the value of HIAs across a range of sectors, levels of government, geographic regions, and types of organizations. Below are links to more information about each project:

HIA Program Grants 
HIA Program Grants support organizations that have completed one or more prior HIAs to develop and implement tools and approaches that stably integrate the consideration of health in other sectors’ decision-making; and implement a plan that establishes the relationships, systems, and funding mechanisms needed to maintain a stable HIA program that endures beyond the conclusion of the grant.  Follow the link below for more information about each program:

  • 2012 Call for Proposals
    • Arizona Department of Health Services
    • Cleveland Planning Commission
    • Ingham County (Michigan) Health Department
    • Los Angeles Department of Public Health
    • Minnesota Department of Health
    • Oregon Health Authority
    • Tri-County (Colorado) Health Department

HIA Mentorship Project 
In partnership with the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), the HIA Mentorship Project is part of an effort to increase the use of HIAs among local health departments. Through support from the Health Impact Project, these health departments will receive peer-to-peer assistance, intensive technical support, and training, thereby advancing the practice of HIA among practitioners at local health departments while increasing the number of assessments completed in the United States. Below are links to more information about the selected mentee projects and their mentors:

Public Health Institutes and HIA
In partnership with the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), the Health Impact Project awarded funding to public health institutes to increase capacity to conduct HIA and provide HIA training. 2013 funding supported:

In 2011, NNPHI and Health Impact Project teamed up to support two new training centers at Oregon Public Health Institute and Georgia Health Policy Center, and together provided training to 10 public health institutes. In addition to the two new training centers and HIA training, NNPHI and Health Impact Project funded two public health institutes to conduct HIA. 2011 funding supported:

    • South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health
    • Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin