Deer silhouettes against mountain backdrop

Chilean Patagonia



The Pew Charitable Trusts and our partners, particularly members of the Patagonia Mar y Tierra working group, share a set of key goals for our efforts in Chile. Together, we want to:

  • Strengthen Chile’s existing protected area system to reach international standards for national parks and to meet the needs of tourists, local communities, and the environment.
  • Bolster protections for and improve the management of national reserves to limit activities that may threaten the ecological integrity of these special places.
  • Create a network of protected areas on land and sea by expanding and solidifying safeguards for entire ecosystems, including nearshore waters, fjords, estuaries, and interisland channels.
  • Develop public-private partnerships to build on existing private conservation initiatives that are thriving throughout Chile. These combined efforts will help create new protected areas to fill key ecological gaps, safeguard the resilience of protected areas, and support the development of sustainable local economies.