The Voting Information Project was transferred to Democracy Works on June 18, 2018. Please visit for more information.

Providing accurate election information to voters can be challenging for states because of frequent changes and updates to ballot information, polling locations, and election laws. To overcome these obstacles, the Voting Information Project (VIP), an initiative formerly of Pew and now of Democracy Works, in partnership with Google and the states, creates tools that make election information available where people look for it most—online. VIP offers voters, campaigns, candidates, election officials, and others a standardized, reliable source for official voting information.

VIP works with the states and the District of Columbia to collect and distribute current, accurate election information and provides states with technical assistance to help them standardize and publish their data.

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Data, research, and analysis about election administration.

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Election Data Dispatches provides data, research and analysis about election administration in the U.S. While we link to external research data and other materials, we neither independently verify them, endorse the reports, nor affirm the authors' opinions.