ERIC Mailing Assistance Program

For new members or states considering membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), The Pew Charitable Trusts offers the opportunity to apply for financial assistance to facilitate participation.

In accordance with its bylaws, ERIC identifies eligible citizens who are not yet registered to vote, and member states must contact those citizens, educating them on the most efficient means of registering. This outreach has substantial benefits for the efficiency and accuracy of the voter registration process but may come with significant costs. Therefore, Pew is offering limited financial assistance to states to help defray the expense—such as for bulk mail service, provider charges, and postage—of the initial outreach to eligible but unregistered citizens by mail.

Pew aims to maximize the effect of this funding by assisting multiple states. States interested in obtaining funding are required to submit the following materials:

Applications must be received by 5 p.m. EST on March 18, 2016. Application packages with incomplete or missing information will not be considered.

Instructions for submitting an application, as well as information on the timeline and selection process, are included on the application form. States that are awarded grants must join ERIC by May 31, 2016 to receive the funds.

Questions about the application process or estimating mailing costs should be directed to Keara Castaldo at [email protected] or 202-540-6949. 

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