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ENDING: 9/2/19

Support Legislation to Fix Our National Parks!

Our country’s National Park System contains some of America’s greatest natural, cultural, and recreation treasures that have become beloved destinations for millions of Americans and international visitors.

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ENDING: 9/1/19

Urge Congress to Fund the Fight Against Superbugs

Urge your representatives in Congress today to maintain funding for the programs that fight antibiotic resistance and save American lives.

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Swimming turtle
ENDING: 7/1/19

Ask the Pacific Council to Protect Sea Turtles Whales and Dolphins

You can help protect whales, dolphins, and sea turtles from becoming entangled in drift gillnets, currently the primary method of fishing for swordfish off California. Add your voice and ask fishery managers to authorize deep-set buoy gear.

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Thank You Alert
ENDING: 7/1/19

Thank You: Wilderness, Wild Rivers, and Other Public Lands Protected!

Please thank your members of Congress for voting for S. 47, a bipartisan public lands package that will conserve more than a million acres of wilderness.

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ENDING: 5/31/19

Urge Congress to Fix the National Flood Insurance Program

After consecutive years of record-breaking hurricanes and devastating inland flooding, Congress should seize the opportunity to reform the National Flood Insurance Program.

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ENDING: 5/31/19

Longlines are the Wrong Move for the West Coast

Ask Chair Phil Anderson and members of the Pacific Fishery Management Council to oppose the use of pelagic longlines off the West Coast.

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