The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces $10.2 Million for Pandemic Recovery and Artist Fellowships

New grants will help foster a more stable future for Philadelphia’s arts sector

Pew Announces $10.2 Million for Pandemic Recovery
Violinist Randall Mitsuo Goosby with the Philadelphia opera, performing Cycles of My Being, playing the violin with a mask on, on stage with a spotlight and smoke
Randall Mitsuo Goosby performs in Opera Philadelphia’s “Cycles of My Being.” The organization received a grant to expand its diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion efforts.
Dominic M. Mercier

On Sept. 9, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage announced 42 grants totaling more than $10.2 million to help the Philadelphia region’s arts sector overcome the effects of COVID-19.

Among the awards are 30 Re:imagining Recovery grants, designed to help arts organizations make critical changes to stabilize operations, rethink business and revenue models, develop new approaches to programming and public engagement practices, and deepen commitments to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

Additionally, $900,000 of the funding went toward Pew fellowships, awarded to 12 local artists working in music, visual art, dance, theater, film, and poetry.

Read more about the recovery projects and the latest Pew fellows in the Center’s announcement.

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