Dave Gershman

Dave Gershman
Global Tuna Conservation
The Pew Charitable Trusts

Dave Gershman develops Pew strategies to conserve tunas in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. He also works to reform the use of a popular gear to catch tunas, called a fish aggregating device, and coordinates with other Pew staff to promote effective compliance regimes, rebuild stocks of Pacific bluefin tuna, and improve management of longline gear. 

Before joining Pew, Gershman served as a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the State Department’s Office of Marine Conservation. Previously, he helped create a website on marine ecosystem-based management and produced an external evaluation of a U.S. marine sanctuary’s institutional relationships. He is a former journalist and worked at daily newspapers in Massachusetts and Michigan. 

Gershman holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Brandeis University and a master’s in environmental policy and planning from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment.