Barry Traill

Barry Traill
Barry Traill
Outback Australia
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Barry (B.J.) Traill directs Pew’s initiative to bring together Indigenous people, scientists, conservation organisations, industry, and government agencies to conserve Australia’s critical natural landscapes and marine habitats. These efforts include advocating for the inclusion of new areas in the National Reserve System, the funding of conservation management activities, and the creation of sanctuaries for marine life.

Before joining Pew, Traill worked as a conservation advocate and zoologist for Australian state and national organisations. He negotiated private land conservation issues for Trust for Nature in Victoria and worked on native woodland conservation with the Victorian National Parks Association, Environment Victoria, and The Wilderness Society. He was instrumental in establishing nationally coordinated work on the protection of Australia’s woodlands. He was a founder of the Northern Australia Environment Alliance and the Invasive Species Council.

Traill holds a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in terrestrial ecology from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Recent Work