Civil Legal System Modernization

Civil Legal System Modernization

Each year, more than 30 million Americans encounter civil legal problems without the help of a lawyer. Many of the issues these individuals face, such as debt collection, eviction, foreclosure, child custody, bankruptcy, and disability claims, can have profound, even life-changing, implications.

Outside of the criminal courts, litigants have no constitutional right to a lawyer, and affordable legal help is hard to come by. This lack of available support forces millions of people each year to sift through forms, search websites, and show up to court with little or no assistance. Often this leads to delays and increased costs for courts and litigants, as well as procedural errors that can cause cases to be decided without all parties having their day in court.

Nearly everyone involved with the civil legal system—judges, attorneys, and litigants—agrees it must be made more fair and efficient. However, no consensus exists regarding what courts or local and state policymakers can or should do to accomplish that goal.

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ civil legal system modernization project seeks to address this problem and to support efforts to deliver a system that is more accessible and effective through four key pathways:

  • Increase the availability and quality of free online legal tools that help everyone navigate complex problems and connect to resources.
  • Develop, promote, and evaluate technologies that improve how people interact with state and local courts.
  • Conduct research to identify policies that can improve outcomes for people involved in the civil legal system.
  • Build partnerships with the private sector, policymakers, and other stakeholders to advance comprehensive improvement to the civil legal system.

The Modernization Our Civil Legal System Needs

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Name the dispute—debt collection, eviction or foreclosure, child custody, bankruptcy, disability claims—and chances are that the conflict ends up being resolved in the civil legal system. Every day, state and local courthouses are filled with people trying to protect family, home and livelihood.