The Voting Information Project Tools

The Voting Information Project Tools

The Voting Information Project (VIP) is an innovative and proven service that uses the latest technology to provide voters with the information they need to cast a ballot – where to vote, what’s on their ballot, and what to bring when they vote. A partnership between state and local election officials, Google, Microsoft, Pew and a variety of other technology partners, VIP helps make official voting information available to voters where they look for it the most, online or on their phones.

For the 2012 election, the VIP data is being used in a host of web tools and mobile phone applications. For the full list, please visit

Google Civic Information Tool

The Google Civic Information Tool is an open source polling place lookup tool that integrates Google Maps and VIP data feeds to help voters get the information they need on and before election day. Voters can input their home address and quickly access candidate information including contact details and social profiles; a map of their polling place with a link to directions; identification requirements; and contact information for their official election administrator. The tool uses official state election data and Google Maps to produce the most accurate and official results.

In 2010, the Google tool helped voters locate their polling place on over 320 websites. These included a wide range of major news outlets, political campaigns, official state election websites and non-profit organizations. This tool was used 12,740,686 times in the days leading up to Election Day 2010.

Microsoft Polling Place Locator Tool

The VIP Polling Place Locator is a Microsoft application powered by Bing maps that allows voters to find their polling place by simply entering the address where they are registered to vote. In addition to the voter’s polling place, the locator contains voter registration deadlines, who and what is on their ballot, and contact details for state or local election officials. Additionally, the Microsoft tool is multi-lingual, making it easy and accessible to Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, Hindi, Hmong, and other language speakers.

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These are just a couple of the tools available in 2012 for VIP. For access to all our other VIP tools such as the Military and Overseas Voting tool, the VoterHub mobile application, and the wait time calculator, please visit and click on Our Projects.

VIP is populated with official state election data. If you’re interested in the learning more about how VIP works, please contact us.