Pew Recognizes Designation of Chimney Rock National Monument

Pew Recognizes Designation of Chimney Rock National Monument

Protects more than 4,700 acres in southwest Colorado

Carrie Sandstedt, wilderness campaigns manager for the Pew Environment Group, issued the following statement recognizing the designation of the 4,726-acre Chimney Rock National Monument in southwest Colorado.

“Chimney Rock is a unique natural resource with incredible historical and cultural significance. Its new status as a national monument will ensure that exceptional scenic and archeological features will be preserved for future generations to enjoy, and help to promote tourism and economic development in and around southwest Colorado's Archuleta County.

This 4,726 acre archeological site, located in the San Juan National Forest, was home to Ancestral Puebloan Indians and contains over 200 homes and ceremonial buildings. The area is a popular destination for hiking and camping, attracting visitors with its beautiful scenery and fascinating history.

The Pew Environment Group is the conservation arm of The Pew Charitable Trusts, a nongovernmental organization that works globally to establish pragmatic, science-based policies that protect our oceans, preserve our wildlands, and promote clean

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