European Shark Week

European Shark Week

The Shark Alliance, a coalition of 40 NGOs dedicated to science-based conservation of sharks, is delighted to announce the launch of the first ever EUROPEAN SHARK WEEK, which will run from 8th – 14th October.  Using the catchy slogan 'Every Fin Counts!' – European Shark Week will offer ideal opportunities for concerned European citizens to demonstrate support for conserving sharks.

Across Europe, individuals, aquariums, dive groups, and conservation organisations will be getting involved in numerous European Shark Week activities from offering presentations and talks, to running participatory events and competitions. Throughout the week, possible are encouraged to sign “fins” (hence the catchphrase ‘Every Fin Counts!’), expressing their support for effective shark conservation. 

The Shark Alliance aims to present these “fins” later this year to European Commissioner Joe Borg, head of European Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. 

“We are very excited by the launch of European Shark Week”, said Uta Bellion, Director of the Shark Alliance.“ Europe is a significant player in the global catch, consumption and trade of shark products. Yet with little to no management, many shark populations are threatened with extinction in European waters as well as in other regions of the world where the EU fleet fishes. “European Shark Week is a wonderful opportunity to show the high level of support for sharks across Europe and thereby promote timely, sound plans to ensure their conservation.”

Ali Hood, Director of Conservation for the UK based Shark Trust, who developed the concept of Shark Week, added, “"By making their voices heard during European Shark Week aquariums and shark enthusiasts – in fact, everyone can play a key role in preventing further decline in shark populations and securing a healthier future for these valuable yet vulnerable animals."