Theatre Communications Group (TCG) Publishes Stages of Transformation Celebrating Fourteen Years of the National Theatre Artist Residency Program

Theatre Communications Group (TCG) Publishes Stages of Transformation Celebrating Fourteen Years of the National Theatre Artist Residency Program

Theatre Communications Group (TCG) announces the release of Stages of Transformation: Collaborations of the National Theatre Artist Residency Program celebrating fourteen years of substantial accomplishments by participating artists and theatre companies. Using a varied format which includes articles, first-person accounts, short profiles and even a couple of plays, the book explores the opportunities and challenges presented by these residencies and promotes the value of long-term commitments between artists and theatres.  Generously funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the program awarded almost $10 million to support 135 artists at 99 theatres nationwide from 1991 through June 2005. National Theatre Artists Residency Program was designed to provide the extended time necessary for artists and theatres to develop true partnerships during residencies that spanned up to two years. "This publication successfully illuminates the positive results that can be achieved when theatre companies and artists build stronger partnerships -- both for artistic growth and in enriching the theatre experiences for communities," said Marian Godfrey, Director of the Culture program at The Pew Charitable Trusts. Godfrey added, "The book offers valuable insight and encouragement for any artist or theatre organization wishing to pursue such a partnership."

Already distributed to over 2,500 arts leaders, including theatre professionals and supporters, directors of arts councils and funders, Stages of Transformation offers a unique look into a successful program that responded to very specific artistic needs first articulated by the not-for-profit theatre field, and continued to evolve using the input from participants and other advisors, while remaining responsive to the field. The book highlights the work of a wide spectrum of artists who participated in the program; these include the celebrated, such as Anne Bogart, Craig Lucas, Bill Irwin, Terrence McNally, Peter Sellars and Paula Vogel, as well as the greatly talented, but less widely recognized, whose vital and substantial work was developed at theatres across the country.

According to Ben Cameron, Executive Director at TCG, “Given adequate resources, the recipient artists and theatre companies were able to explore new and expanded ways of working together. The vast majority of the residencies resulted in stronger artistic partnerships, changed perceptions and exciting work. An important number of the residencies led to the development of the new programs, positions and organizational structures. We hope that the pieces in the book are informative, helpful and, perhaps, inspiring.”

For more information on Stages of Transformation: Collaborations of the National Theatre Artists Residency Program, contact Phillip Matthews, Director of Communications at TCG, 212.609.5900 x230. A limited number of complimentary copies of the book are available from TCG on a first come, first served basis.

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