Senator Patterson's Allegations “Completely False,” Pew Group Says

Senator Patterson's Allegations “Completely False,” Pew Group Says

The Pew Environment Group is proud of its partnership with Oceans North Canada and Ducks Unlimited to advance science-based conservation in Nunavut.

Together we have helped regional organizations participate more fully in the government process to protect Lancaster Sound, create the Nunavut Marine Council under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, and conduct Greenland shark bycatch reduction research.

This is consistent with Pew's science- and community-based approach to conservation in the North.

In a Nunatsiaq News article on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, Sen. Dennis Patterson alleges that Oceans North Canada, Ducks Unlimited, and the Pew Environment Group violated rules governing charities' political activities (activities aimed at promoting or discouraging government policy decisions) by calling on the government to halt seismic testing in Lancaster Sound.

This charge is completely false. A charitable organization is allowed to make comments that are accurate, well-reasoned, and connected to its mandate.

Some may disagree on what the tax law permits, but the facts do matter when making such serious charges.

In the end, we should all support the government process for final protection of Lancaster Sound, a goal strongly led by Nunavummiut for the last 30 years.



This op-ed originally ran in the Nunatsiaq News on April 5, 2012