Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons

Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons
Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons
Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons is a Pew consultant and adviser who directs the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project in Palau. In 2015, the president of Palau designated the Palau National Marine Sanctuary in the nation’s waters, creating one of the world’s largest fully protected areas of ocean.

Koskelin-Gibbons has been executive director of the Palau Chamber of Commerce since 2011 and has more than a decade of strategic marketing and project management experience. She was the first Palauan to manage the Guam-based Ambros Inc. in her Pacific island nation. In that role, she led numerous marketing campaigns for internationally recognized consumer brands manufactured in the United States.

Koskelin-Gibbons has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Santa Clara University in California. She is fluent in English and Palauan.