Cesar Guala Catalán

Cesar Guala
Cesar Guala Catalán
Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Cesar Guala Catalán consults for and advises the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project in Chile, working with Easter Island’s Rapa Nui community and the Chilean government to create one of the world’s largest marine reserves in the waters surrounding the island. The project builds on Global Ocean Legacy’s 10 years of helping to create nine major marine reserves and safeguard more than 6.3 million square kilometres (2.4 million square miles) of ocean.

Before joining Pew, Guala spent six years at the World Wildlife Fund in Chile, working with indigenous communities in the south on forest and marine conservation. These efforts focused on capacity building, sustainable livelihoods, and new community protected areas. Guala has been recognized for his academic work and was named one of Chile’s top 100 young leaders.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and tourism, a master’s in rural development from the Universidad Austral de Chile, and a doctorate in management from New Zealand’s Victoria University.

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