National HIA Meeting 2012: What HIA Looks Like from Outside the Health Sector

The success of HIA depends partly on people in fields other than health valuing and appreciating what HIAs bring to a decision-making process. This session will provide an opportunity for HIA practitioners to hear about non-health professionals’ perspectives on HIA. The speakers will be individuals from non-health sectors (e.g., planning, environment, grassroots advocacy and law) who have been involved in at least one HIA. Each speaker will describe his or her experience with the HIA process, and the benefits and drawbacks of HIA from their perspectives.

Moderator: Caroline Fichtenberg, American Public Health Association

Doran Schrantz, ISAIAH

Grassroots Advocacy Organization Perspective

Seema Iyer, Jacob France Institute, University of Baltimore

The Planning Perspective – an HIA of Baltimore City's Zoning Code Rewrite

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