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Trust Magazine

Trust features articles on Pew’s research, advocacy and other activities that seek to harness the power of knowledge to address some of society’s most pressing challenges. It also includes columns highlighting evaluations of Pew’s work, listings of recent accomplishments, and a commentary by President and CEO Rebecca Rimel. The magazine, launched in 1998, is written by professional journalists and Pew staff members and is published twice a year.

JAN 4, 2012

Trust Magazine, Winter 2012

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Notes from the President: Mutual Dependence (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine)

We all marked a major milestone this past fall when the world’s population surpassed 7 billion. That is nearly triple the number of people on Earth when The Pew Charitable Trusts began more than decades ago and the telephone, television, and commercial air travel were not yet common fixtures of American life.

Northern Exposure (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Article)

As melting ice opens up the once-impenetrable Arctic, Pew wants science to guide the size of man’s expanding footprint in the remote region.

Seeking a Better Prescription for Drug Safety (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Article)

With more medicines produced in a global marketplace than ever before, the Pew Health Group is partnering with industry and advocates to make the drug supply safer.

Rising Restrictions on Religion (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Article)

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life is documenting trends in restrictions on religious practices around the globe, prompting new conversations on faith, liberty and political power.

Philanthropic Partnerships Leading the Charge on Clean Energy Solutions (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine)

There are few challenges more important—or opportunities as great—as the transition to a clean energy future.

Lessons Learned: Kindergarten Is Old School (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine)

Using growing research on the effectiveness of early education, Pew and its partners built a movement that helped expand pre-kindergarten programs around the nation.

Return on Investment (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine)

Some of Pew's recent accomplishments.

Veterans and the Public Weigh Wars And Sacrifices (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)

The Pew Research Center explored some questions arising from the 10th anniversary of the longest period of sustained warfare in United States history.

Local News Obtained From Many Sources (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)

Americans still count on local television to get news about their area. But now they use several platforms for that information, and which one they choose depends on the subject matter and their age.

‘Big Chicken’ Report Cites Pollution Issues (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)
Chicken is now the most popular meat in the United States, but producing such a vast number of birds to feed this appetite has created pollution problems in several states.

Artists Draw Attention to Region’s Preservation (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)

An unusual voyage to the Kermadecs resulted in the creation of some striking pieces of art.

Impact of School Closings on Cities Is Examined (Winter 2012 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)

Pew’s Philadelphia Research Initiative set out to better understand what is in store for the School District of Philadelphia by studying the experiences of six other cities.

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Trust recently covered the Pew Environment Group’s efforts to protect the Canadian boreal forest, the Pew Research Center’s study of the millennial generation, the Pew Center on the States’ work on the fiscal challenges facing the states, an evaluation of Pew’s efforts to improve foster care and how Pew aided credit card reform.

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