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Trust Magazine

Trust features articles on Pew’s research, advocacy and other activities that seek to harness the power of knowledge to address some of society’s most pressing challenges. It also includes columns highlighting evaluations of Pew’s work, listings of recent accomplishments, and a commentary by President and CEO Rebecca Rimel. The magazine, launched in 1998, is written by professional journalists and Pew staff members and is published twice a year.

JUL 18, 2007

Trust Magazine, Spring 2007

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Notes from the President: Dominoes (Spring 2007 Trust magazine)

Introduction to the Spring 2007 issue of Trust magazine by Pew's President Rebecca Rimel.

Saving Jaws (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine article)

Sharks are at the top of the marine food pyramid. Were they to disappear, the havoc to ocean ecosystems would be catastrophic. Article by Colin Woodard about the shark finning debate.

CIRCLE of Facts and Figures (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine article)

CIRCLE is a research organization with a determinedly practical bent—to foster civic engagement in young people.

No Room for Mistakes (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine article)

Fair and just trials, strong and accurate convictions. That’s the aim of a Pew-supported project on the death penalty system. Article by Marc Schogol about the importance of death penalty reform.

The Philly Factor (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine article)

This Trust magazine article reports on the "Philadelphia 2007: Prospects and Challenges" study, which explored the strengths and weaknesses of Philadelphia relative to other cities.

The Future of Journalism (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

The Project for Excellence in Journalism's annual State of the News Media reports identify key trends facing the media.

Franklin Court and the Centennial Challenge (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

The Pew Charitable Trusts pledged $6 million to modernize Franklin Court for the Centennial Challenge initiative to improve our national parks.

Replacing the Hype with Hard Data (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

The Pew Internet and American Life Project keeps pace with an explosive growth of “social networking” Web sites.

Pew Research Center Named One of the Most Reliable (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

A Philadelphia Inquirer list of the “most quoted and more reliable” survey groups included the Pew Research Center.

The Book 'Aging Gracefully: Ideas to Improve Retirement Security in America' (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

A new book addresses retirement security and proposes legislative and administrative changes that would make saving for retirement easier for middle- and lower-income households, while at the same time offering practical savings ideas for workers.

SoundAboutPhilly Heard Far and Wide (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

SoundAboutPhilly's audio tours come with dynamic mapping, engaging photography and narratives by real Philadelphians.

Philadelphia Rallies to Keep Gross Clinic at Home (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

Thomas Eakins' masterpiece is jointly purchased by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Toward a Voting System Worthy of a Democracy (Spring 2007 Trust Magazine article)

Pew's Evaluation unit reports on an evaluation of electionline.org, an initiative which helps set the agenda for election administrators, policy makers and journalists by illuminating best practices.


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Trust recently covered the Pew Environment Group’s efforts to protect the Canadian boreal forest, the Pew Research Center’s study of the millennial generation, the Pew Center on the States’ work on the fiscal challenges facing the states, an evaluation of Pew’s efforts to improve foster care and how Pew aided credit card reform.

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