Worksite Wellness in Davidson, NC


Davidson , North Carolina


Davidson Design for Life

In 2014, the Davidson Design for Life initiative conducted an HIA to predict the health impacts of improving worksite wellness in Davidson, North Carolina. Physical working conditions, such as exposure to hazardous chemicals, can affect a person’s health. Schedules, commuting time, and other work-related issues can also impact health and well-being.

The organization reviewed literature, interviewed business leaders, and conducted surveys. It found that Davidson’s large employers provide comprehensive worksite wellness programs. But most businesses in the area are classified as small businesses, which are less likely to provide such programs. Davidson Design for Life recommended that the town furnish incentives for small businesses to provide these programs, such as opportunities for them to collectively participate in a program or to partner with larger businesses to gain access to existing worksite wellness programs.

The HIA was conducted through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Community Design Initiative.

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  • Completion Date November 2014
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