Derby District Redevelopment


Commerce City , Colorado


Tri-County Health Department

The HIA looked at the proposed redevelopment of the Derby District in Colorado's Commerce City commercial core. The HIA considered how the redevelopment might affect issues, such as opportunities for physical activity; access to supermarkets that stock fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods; traffic and personal safety. The HIA made many specific recommendations for measures that could be taken to improve opportunities for walking and cycling, control traffic at dangerous intersections, encourage farmers' markets and grocery stores and improve public safety.


Intersection upgrades to enhance safety were included in the final redevelopment. In addition, the HIA findings encouraged Commerce City to apply for a grant from the state's transportation department to create safe routes for walking to school.

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  • Status Complete
  • Completion Date 2007
  • Decision-Level Local
  • Sector Built Environment
  • Organization Type Government Agency