Sequestration Impact Varies Widely Across States and Programs; States with Heavy Military Hurt Hardest

Feb 25, 2013

As the March 1 sequester deadline approaches, Pew research shows the impact across-the-board federal cuts will vary widely across the states.


Stateline: States with Heavy Military Presence Hurt Hardest

The White House on Sunday (February 24) delivered a state-by-state laundry list of multibillion-dollar federal spending cuts that would occur if sequestration takes effect on Friday.

If Congress and the White House cannot reach an agreement to avert the automatic cuts, a broad swath of government services would be reduced: law enforcement, food safety, schools, national parks, health services and the military. More specifically: Kids sent home from Head Start, airline passengers stuck at choked security checkpoints, unemployed people turned away from job counseling.

Read the full article at Stateline.


Federal Grants to States Subject to Sequester Vary Widely Across Program Areas

About one-fifth of federal grant funding would be subject to the sequester. This infographic shows grant funding expect and subject to the sequest by program area.



The Impact of the Fiscal Cliff on the States: Sequestration

Cuts would have both direct and indirect cuts on states' budgets. This interactive highlights various indators of states' vulnerabilities to the sequester.

Visit the Fiscal Federal Initiative for more.

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