Philadelphia leads the nation in arts and cultural employment

Sep 25, 2012

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s report, “Arts, Culture and Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia,” looks at how spending by cultural organizations and their audiences creates a ripple effect throughout the economy, generating revenues for businesses, families, and local governments. The report finds, among other things, that Philadelphia’s arts and cultural sector has a profound $3.3 billion impact on the region’s economy and is outperforming the nation as a whole. 

The report is based on data gathered by the Cultural Alliance from 345 local arts and cultural organizations through the Pennsylvania Cultural Data Project, as well as 2,039 audience spending surveys at nearly 80 arts and cultural events held throughout 2011. This effort formed part of the Cultural Alliance’s participation in American’s for the Arts’ national Arts and Economic Prosperity IV study, which measured the impact of arts and culture in 182 different communities throughout the country.

Read more about Arts, Culture and Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia and download a PDF version of the report on the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s web site.
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