The State of New Media and HIV

Jul 24, 2012

The 19th International AIDS Conference, held this week in Washington, DC, included a session entitled, "The State of New Media and HIV," hosted by My role on the panel was a familiar one – to present the Pew Internet Project’s latest research about mobile, social technologies and their impact on health and health care.

But it was an evening session, after a long day, so the organizers asked each panelist to create an "ignite" talk: 20 slides which advance automatically every 20 seconds. It’s kind of a pell-mell style of public speaking, conducive to improvisation and fun.

I decided to share not only our national story, but my grandmother’s story, as an example of how one person can adapt to technological change. Here’s what I said:

Tonight I’m going to share some history with you. And history, in internet terms, means that I’m going to talk about the 90s, when very few people used the internet.

Read the full report, The State of New Media and HIV, on the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

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