Religion and the 2012 Republican Primaries: Alabama and Mississippi

Mar 14, 2012

Rick Santorum won narrow victories in both the Alabama and Mississippi Republican primaries on Tuesday. Exit polling shows there was no clear winner among white born-again/evangelical voters in either state, with Santorum and Newt Gingrich receiving roughly equivalent levels of support from evangelicals in both states.

Mitt Romney received less support from evangelicals than from non-evangelical voters in Alabama, continuing the pattern observed in previous primaries. But Romney did about as well among evangelicals as among non-evangelicals in Mississippi. In both states, Romney failed to secure convincing victories among non-evangelical voters, who have tended to favor him over the other candidates in the primary season thus far.

Santorum was the preferred choice of voters in Alabama who say it matters a great deal to them that a candidate shares their religious beliefs. There was no clear winner among this group in Mississippi.

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