Social Networking Users Find Surprises About Friends' Politics

Mar 12, 2012

Postings on social networking sites reveal surprises for many users when it comes to the political views of their friends. Nearly four-in-ten users discovered through postings by friends that their political beliefs were different than they thought. A small percentage of users blocked, unfriended or hidden someone on the site because their postings were too frequent or they disagreed with them.

Three-quarters of social networking site users say their friends post at least some content related to politics on the sites from time to time. They amount to 40% of the entire adult population.

For some users politics is an off-limits subject. Some 22% of SNS users say they have decided not to post political comments or links to political material because they were worried it might upset or offend someone.

Read the full report, Social Networking Sites and Politics, on the Pew Internet & American Life Project Web site.

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