PEJ New Media Index: A Google Move Ignites an Online Battle

Jan 20, 2012

A change for a major search engine that ensnared three of the titans of social media generated an intense discussion on blogs last week, as bloggers debated such fundamental online issues as privacy, monopolies and the access to information.

On January 10, Google announced the introduction of Search plus Your World which provides personal results to those using Google Search in addition to the standard search results. Thus, if you search "pancake" you get the standard search result of photos and recipes for pancakes, but also photos that you may have uploaded to your own albums of pancakes, blog posts shared by your Google+ friends about pancakes-and photos of a friend's dog named Pancake.

What's not a part of the new personal search results are posts on the Twitter and Facebook platforms. Instead, the results come from Google's newer and as of yet less popular social network, Google+, its photo sharing site Picasa and its blogging tool, Blogger as well.

Read the full report, A Google Move Ignites an Online Battle, on the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism Web site.

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