PEJ Mew Media Index: Bloggers Return to Politics and Palin

Jun 09, 2011

It was Sarah Palin and her controversial “One Nation” bus tour that led bloggers back to politics.

For the week of May 30-June 3, 12% of the news links on blogs were about the potential candidate’s actions, making Palin the No. 1 subject, according to the New Media Index from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. This is the first time in two months that politics led the discussion on blogs.

The last time was in early March when the crop of potential Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential campaign was the most linked-to subject. Other hot political topics in recent weeks such as the presence of Donald Trump’s potential candidacy, the release of President Obama’s original birth certificate, and even the negotiations that nearly resulted in a federal government shutdown were not enough to turn the blogosphere’s attention to politics.

Read the full report, Bloggers Return to Politics and Palin, on the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism Web site.

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