The Case for Home Visiting

May 04, 2010

The demands of raising an infant or toddler can prove challenging for even the best-prepared parent. But for those facing the additional hurdles of being young, single, or low-income, proven programs that help parents learn to care for their children and themselves are all the more critical to ensuring that families grow and thrive.

Voluntary home visiting programs match parents with trained professionals to provide information and support during pregnancy and throughout their child’s first three years.

Home visiting programs have been proven to:

  • Decrease the incidence of low-birthweight births by nearly half—saving states $28,000-$40,000 for each one averted;
  • Cut instances of child abuse and neglect almost in half; and
  • Help children build critical pre-literacy skills and improve achievement test scores.

Quality home visiting programs lay the foundation for children’s healthy development and tax payers reap the benefit when many of our nation’s costliest social problems—school failure, child abuse and the use of welfare—are prevented.

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