Policy Framework to Strengthen Government Planning, Budgeting, and Accountability

Mar 10, 2010

In an effort to support states and policymakers that are interested in developing (or are already implementing) a performance-driven government, Pew has created a policy framework containing various promising practices that states can consider in their efforts.

The Policy Framework to Strengthen Government Planning, Budgeting, and Accountability (PDF) incorporates research conducted for Pew’s Grading the States 2008 report, which examined the policies and programs of several high-performing states in the area of budgeting, and accountability. We studied specific legislation, executive orders, and other supporting materials from states leading successful reform efforts.

The framework contains a brief assessment of the challenge of demonstrating results to citizens, an overview of the promising practices from which states can select, specific language states that states can use for each option, key issues that states should consider when implementing any of the options as well as potential alternatives, and additional resources that may be helpful to states, including links to legislation, executive orders and other key materials from leading states.

Rather than being prescriptive, we aim to provide various options for states to use, as well as key issues to consider. States should assess their status or progress on each specific issue and determine which options offer the best way to move forward.  

1. Background 

2. The Challenge and Solutions 

3. Menu of Policy Options 

4. Suggested Language 

      Short Title
      Performance Authority
      Strategic Planning
      Performance Budgeting
      Flexible Performance Agreements
      Performance Reporting
      Accountability Meetings
      Performance Rewards and Penalties
      Performance Auditing
      Transparency Web Sites

5. Notes and Drafting Alternatives 

6. Appendix 

7. Additional Resources 

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