State of the States 2010

Feb 11, 2010

State_of_the_States_icon_bigThe nation finally may be clawing out of the longest recession since the 1930s. But states still are groping to find the bottom of a fiscal crisis prolonged by historic revenue drops, eye-popping budget deficits, double-digit unemployment in more than a dozen states and rising demands for social services.

In State of the States 2010, (Adobe PDF) the Pew Center on the States looks beyond the acute problems caused by the Great Recession to examine larger trends that have the potential to change state government in lasting ways.

Both policy makers and voters will make key choices this year that will help determine the shape of state government in this new decade and beyond. The latest in a series of annual publications, State of the States 2010 can help inform those choices with its nonpartisan, analytical look at the recession's effects on policy and politics in the 50 states.

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Courtesy of the Associated PressRecession Could Reshape State Governments in Lasting Ways ( Around the country, the worst economic downturn since the 1930s forced states to consider new ways of thinking about what could be a slimming down of government lasting several years.

      • States to Watch (

Courtesy of Getty ImagesIs it Time For a New Balance in the Federal and State Fiscal Parternship? ( - The deepest recession in decades is inviting new scrutiny of the way power and fiscal obligations are divided between Washington and the 50 state capitals.

      •States to Watch (

Courtesy of Associated Press2010 Elections: New Faces, Daunting Problems ( -Bruising budget battles could put voters in a testy mood and usher in a wave of new faces to lead state government.

      • States to Watch ( 
      • Making Every Vote Count and Cost Less 
      • 2010 Voter's Guide 


radarState Policy on Pew's Radar  (Adobe PDF)- Pew identifies states that have played a key role in making smart investments and adopting fiscally sound policies in our three areas of focus:

  •      • Maximizing Government Performance: The Public Safety Performance
            Project, The Government Performance Project, Pew's Election
                                        • Investing in Human Capital-Children: Pre-K Now, Pew's
                                           Children's Dental Campaign,The Pew Home Visiting Campaign
                                        • Ensuring States' Fiscal Health: Fiscal Stress, Clean Energy,
                                           Public Sector Retirement Benefits, Tax Reform
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