Beyond the School Yard: Pre-K Collaborations with Community-Based Partners

Jul 01, 2009

Support for publicly-funded pre-kindergarten has increased tremendously in recent years. As of 2008, 38 states and the District of Columbia invested in pre-k programs, and many school districts are doing so on their own with local and federal funds.

In spite of this growth in funding and support, less than 30 percent of the nation’s three- and four-year-olds participate in publicly funded early education.  Across the nation, local and state K-12 leaders are finding that collaborating with community-based providers such as Head Start programs, child care centers and faith-based organizations can help them develop and implement high-quality pre-k programs that comprehensively meet the needs of young children and their families.

Beyond the Schoolyard: Pre-K Collaborations with Community-Based Partners” provides lessons learned on the ground about how to implement these partnerships most effectively, as well as recommendations to help policy makers facilitate collaboration.

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