Voter Registration Modernization

Aug 31, 2009

America’s current voter registration system is outdated, costly and inaccurate. A recent study estimates that more than two million voters were unable to cast a ballot in the 2008 general election due to registration problems.

The Bringing Elections into the 21st Century: Voter Registration Modernization brief reviews the underperformance of the current voter registration system and recommends a 21st century, data-driven registration system that would:

  • • Utilize multiple official data sources to put eligible voters on the rolls and ensure the accuracy of lists;
  • • Make voter registration more portable for voters who move or change status;
  • • Establish a fail-safe method for eligible voters who are omitted from the rolls or whose records contain an error to cast a ballot; and
  • • Ensure states maintain control of their voter rolls, while allowing for common standards and data exchanges across state lines.
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