On the Home Front: Early Care and Education a Top Priority for Military Families

Mar 14, 2011

Securing quality early care and education programs for their young children is vital to military parents at home and when deployed.

Pre-K Now, in collaboration with other early childhood advocacy groups, commissioned a survey of military family members with children age five and younger, including Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel or their spouses. The survey was designed to explore the needs and priorities military parents have for their children, the challenges they face in accessing services and the value they place on the programs currently available.

The study found that most military families, like their civilian peers, do not have access to high-quality early learning and care opportunities. This gap represents one of the most pressing needs for service members, their spouses and their young children.

This brief presents the key findings of the survey and details specific steps state and federal leaders can take to provide the high-quality early childhood programs that servicemen and women themselves identify as critical to their families’ stability at home and their focus and peace of mind on the job.

Download the full report (PDF).

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