States Scramble for Gambling Jackpot

Sep 12, 2007

Fed up seeing their residents dole out millions of dollars at out-of-state casinos and tracks, more than a dozen states this year worked on dramatically expanding gambling within their own borders.
States are playing their version of “keeping up with the Jones” as they scramble for a bigger piece of the gambling pie, reports
Kansas this year made the most dramatic move to compete with commercial gambling operations in neighboring Iowa, Missouri and Colorado by becoming the first state that will own and operate large-scale casino resorts.
While some states that allow slots at racetracks, such as Delaware, Rhode Island and West Virginia, own the equipment and pay the operators, Kansas’ venture is the first to extend to Las Vegas-style casinos, said Brian Lehman, a spokesman for the American Gaming Association, which represents commercial casinos. The new Kansas law also puts slots at two existing racetracks, known as “racinos.”
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