Oral History Project

The Oral History and Archives Project for the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences has collected the life stories of more than 200 Pew Scholars and produced one of the most extensive biomedical research oral history archives available today in the United States.

The oral history project, launched in 1988, provides an intellectual portrait of modern science and makes available significant insight into the factors that shaped the lives of some of today’s most accomplished biomedical scientists. 

The oral history collection traces the scientific paths that the scholars pursued, the challenges they confronted, and the kinds of choices and decisions they made that shaped their careers. Such stories, in turn, can motivate and inspire others to follow similar routes.

The completed oral histories are archived at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.  Many of the histories are available for viewing and research upon request.  For more information about the Pew Scholars oral history collection, please contact the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

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