Terms and Requirements

The 23rd class of Pew Latin American fellows will be selected after a competitive review process in April 2014. Ten fellowship awardees will be chosen and a grant will be issued by The Pew Charitable Trusts to their sponsoring institutions in the United States by August 2014. Applicants must identify and confirm a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of an established principal investigator (mentor) in advance of applying. Many excellent scientists in major research institutions in the U.S. are interested in having Pew Latin American Fellows come to their labs for postdoctoral training. For assistance in identifying possible mentors, potential applicants may email Anita Pepper, Program Director, at apepper@pewtrusts.org. We will gladly assist any candidates in locating excellent host mentor laboratories.

The Pew Fellowship provides a $30,000 salary stipend in each of two years and an additional $35,000 payment to the sponsoring institution when the Fellow confirms plans to return to Latin America within a maximum of four years from the start date of the grant. The $35,000 portion of the award is for the purchase of supplies and equipment to help establish his/her independent laboratory upon the Fellow's return to Latin America. At the time of application, candidates are not required to have a commitment of a position and laboratory space after the fellowship. However, applicants must submit a written statement of their intent to return to Latin America to continue their research career after the fellowship. To receive the $35,000 portion of the award, the Fellow must have a confirmed research position and laboratory space in Latin America and submit a written request to Pew at least four months prior to the fellowship end date. If the Fellow does not plan to return to Latin America by the end of the fellowship, they will forfeit the $35,000 portion of the grant. No indirect costs are allowed.

In the application, the proposed mentor must commit to provide at least $5,000 in additional salary support per year and medical benefits to ensure that the Fellow is compensated equitably with other postdoctoral trainees in their laboratory. Supplemental compensation to meet NIH suggested salary guidelines for postdoctoral fellows can be found here. If the Sponsor is willing to provide continued employment with salary and benefits for the Fellow, a request may be made to Pew to extend the time period of the fellowship up to 12 additional months. The maximum time period of the Pew Fellowship is 60 months.

Annual progress and financial reports during the entire grant period are required. A brief final narrative report is required one year following the Fellow's return to Latin America. Fellows attend an annual meeting in March of each of the two years and present a brief scientific presentation in the second year. 

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