Northeast Land Trust Consortium

In the northeastern United States, as one generation gives way to the next, an unprecedented number of property transfers is endangering the forests, agricultural lands, shorelines and waterways that have long defined and sustained the region. Millions of acres may soon be commercially developed, altering irrevocably the character of this part of the country.  The time is ripe for action.

That is why in 2006 Pew established the Northeast Land Trust Consortium. The consortium collaborates with leading local and regional land trusts to preserve selected sites and their conservation attributes through the outright purchase of land or the acquisition of conservation easements that limit future uses of the properties. Currently, nearly 350 individuals and foundations in the Northeast have contributed to the consortium, raising almost $30 million and protecting more than 425,000 acres of land in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Donors can designate their funds for specific conservation projects in our portfolio, and Pew will match $1 for every $5 raised; this money is then pooled to purchase and preserve large tracts of land that would otherwise have been unaffordable.   

This year we are seeking to raise $30 million and, by partnering with engaged philanthropists and local and regional land trusts, safeguard even more land throughout the Northeast for future generations. 


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