Prepaid Cards Research Project

Pew's Prepaid Cards Research Project builds awareness about the general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid cards marketplace including how and why consumers use them. While millions of Americans use these products every year, little is known about their impact. Pew aims to provide greater insight into the prepaid marketplace as a whole and examine the consumer protections that govern their use.


  • Consumers Continue to Load Up on Prepaid Cards

    Feb 06, 2014 - A general purpose reloadable prepaid card is a relatively new consumer financial product growing in popularity. This report finds that prepaid cards became increasingly accessible in 2013 and in many instances are now more affordable than basic checking accounts. Although prepaid cards offer many benefits, protections lag far behind other banking products.

  • Infographic: Risky Refunds

    Apr 15, 2013 - Many taxpayers are choosing to receive their tax refund on their prepaid card. What happens if a card is lost or stolen?

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