Domestic Policy

The Pew Research Center collects and analyzes public opinion on domestic policy matters. The center is a nonpartisan “fact tank” that gathers knowledge on many issues, attitudes and trends shaping America.

Data are gathered and analyzed by a team of veteran pollsters and social scientists. The research helps members of the news media, academic researchers, policy analysts and the public better understand how Americans feel about a wide range of domestic issues.

Subjects that the center has tackled include: views on the social safety net in America, gun control, immigration and trends in core political and policy values over time.

The Pew Research Center does not take positions on policy debates. It is a subsidiary of Pew and is based in Washington, D.C. For more information about its research on domestic policy opinions, visit the Pew Research Center Web site


  • Majority of Americans Say Immigration Policy Needs Overhaul

    May 22, 2013 - Americans strongly believe that the nation’s immigration system is due for an overhaul, but that widely-held view is not matched by consensus on how to deal with illegal and legal immigration.

  • Pentagon’s Lifting of Combat Ban Comes as Role of Military Women Grows

    Jan 28, 2013 - The Pew Research Center examined the roles and attitudes of female military veterans and found that women in the military did report experiencing combat and had many of the same issues as men during their transition back into civilian life.

  • Older Americans Highly Resistant to Medicare Changes; 51% Oppose Plan

    Aug 14, 2012 - A Pew Research survey in May of 2011 found that those 65 and older had a negative reaction to Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to change Medicare. The issue of entitlements divides the Republican base.

  • Public Perceptions of Economic News Remains Steady: A Mixed Picture

    Aug 07, 2012 - According to a new report from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, perceptions of economic news remains relatively unchanged since July. Today, half (53%) of Americans say they are hearing a mix of bad and good news about the economy, while 41% say they hear mostly bad news and 3% say they are hearing mostly good news.

  • Views on Gun Laws Unchanged After Aurora Shooting

    Jul 30, 2012 - According to the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, there has been no significant change in public views on the issue of gun control and gun rights following the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Other recent major episodes of gun violence also had little effect on public opinion about gun laws.

  • Raising Taxes on Rich Seen as Good for Economy, Fairness

    Jul 17, 2012 - By two-to-one (44% to 22%), the public says that raising taxes on incomes above $250,000 would help the economy rather than hurt it, while 24% say this would not make a difference. Moreover, an identical percentage (44%) says a tax increase on higher incomes would make the tax system more fair, while just 21% say it would make the system less fair.

  • Division, Uncertainty over Court's Health Care Ruling

    Jul 03, 2012 - The public has long been divided in its opinions about the 2010 health care law. There is now a similar division of opinion over last week’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the law – 40% say they disapprove of the decision, while 36% approve and nearly a quarter (24%) offer no opinion.

  • What Americans Learned From the Media About the Health Care Debate

    Jun 19, 2012 - After helping to define the Obama presidency, health care reform largely disappeared as a subject in the American news media as it wended its way through the legal system to the Supreme Court. But during the the political battle over the legislation, opponents of the reform won the so-called “messaging war” in the coverage.

  • Debt and Deficit: A Public Opinion Dilemma

    Jun 14, 2012 - Pew Research Center President Andrew Kohut says there has never been an issue such as the deficit on which there has been such a consensus among the public about its importance --and such a lack of agreement about acceptable solutions.

  • Public Sees Gas Prices Down A Little Across Much of Nation

    May 31, 2012 - About half of Americans say the price of gasoline has gone down over the past month. Those in West Coast states, however, are much more likely to see gasoline prices going up, which is consistent with a rise in prices at the pump in that region.

  • Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage

    May 10, 2012 - President Obama announced his support for gay marriage this week after a long consideration saying his views were "evolving." The public's view of gay marriage has changed over the past several decades, with growing support. In 1996, Americans opposed gay marriage by 65% to 27%, but the public is more evenly divided today.

  • Supreme Court Favorability Reaches New Low

    May 01, 2012 - Public assessments of the Supreme Court have reached a quarter-century low. Unlike past years in which opinion was divided along partisan lines, The court now receives relatively low favorable ratings from Republicans, Democrats and independents alike.

  • Growing Gap in Favorable Views of Federal, State Governments

    Apr 26, 2012 - According to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, the favorable rating for the federal government has fallen to just 33%. By contrast, 52% of Americans offered a favorable opinion of their state government. Local governments are viewed positively by roughly a two-to-one margin.

  • More Support for Gun Rights, Gay Marriage than in 2008 or 2004

    Apr 25, 2012 - Opinions about a pair of contentious social issues, gun control and gay marriage, have changed substantially since previous presidential campaigns. On gun control, Americans have become more conservative; on gay marriage, they have become more liberal.

  • With Voters Focused on Economy, Obama Lead Narrows

    Apr 17, 2012 - As voters continue to focus on the economy and jobs as top issues, Barack Obama's lead over Mitt Romney has narrowed from a 12 points last month to a slim 49% to 45% advantage. Neither candidate has a clear advantage on the economy or jobs issues, which more than eight-in-ten voters cited as "very important" to their choice. Some of the hot-button social issues, like gay marriage and birth control, are at the bottom of the electorate's agenda.

  • Hearings Hurt Public Regard for both Health Care Law and Supreme Court

    Apr 02, 2012 - While most Americans say last week's Supreme Court hearings on the 2010 health care law did not change their views of the law or of the Court, they did more harm than good to the image of both, according to a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and The Washington Post.

  • Public Remains Split on Health Care Bill, Opposed to Mandate

    Mar 26, 2012 - As the Supreme Court hears arguments this week about the 2010 Affordable Care Act, surveys show that the public remains divided over the basic law. However, majorities continue to oppose the key element of the bill before the Court this week -- the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance or face a penalty.

  • As Gas Prices Pinch, Support for Oil and Gas Production Grows

    Mar 19, 2012 - As gas prices rise, the public's energy priorities are showing signs of change. More Americans continue to see development of alternative energy sources as a higher priority than increased production of oil, coal and natural gas, but the gap has narrowed since a year ago. Support for allowing more offshore oil drilling, which plummeted during the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, are back at pre-spill levels.

  • Auto Bailout Now Backed, Stimulus Divisive

    Feb 23, 2012 - According to a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, public support for government loans to major U.S. automakers has increased sharply since 2009. But opinions are far less positive about two other major initiatives to bolster the economy - the 2008 bank bailout and the Obama administration's 2009 stimulus plan.

  • Public Divided Over Birth Control Insurance Mandate

    Feb 14, 2012 - Americans are closely divided over whether religiously-affiliated institutions should be given an exemption if they objected to a proposed federal rule that would require employers to cover birth control as part of their health care benefit plans. The Obama administration has since modified the rule in response to criticism that it would force religious organizations to violate their religious beliefs.

  • Continued Majority Support for Death Penalty

    Jan 06, 2012 - The percentage of Americans who back the death penalty has changed only modestly in recent years, but there continues to be far less support for it than there was in the mid-1990s. Among opponents of the death penalty, there has been a significant increase since 1991 in concern about wrongful convictions.

  • Tax System Seen as Unfair, in Need of Overhaul

    Dec 20, 2011 - Public dissatisfaction with the tax system has grown over the past decade. The public's frustration is not how much they themselves pay, but rather the impression that wealthy people are not paying their fair share. A majority of Americans say that so much is wrong with the tax system that Congress should completely change it.

  • Illegal Immigration: Gaps Between and Within Parties

    Dec 06, 2011 - The public continues to support tough measures to crack down on illegal immigration, but also a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally. Partisan differences on the issue continue, but there are also divisions within each party.

  • Partisan Divide Over Alternative Energy Widens

    Nov 10, 2011 - Public support for increased federal funding on research into alternative energy technology, including solar, has decreased substantially since the start of the Obama administration. Nearly all the decline comes from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

  • Public Divided Over Occupy Wall Street Movement

    Oct 24, 2011 - About four-in-ten Americans say they support the Occupy Wall Street movement (39%), while nearly as many (35%) say they oppose the movement launched last month in New York’s financial district.

  • Tea Party on Foreign Policy: Strong on Defense and Israel, Tough on China

    Oct 07, 2011 - The Tea Party has emerged as a political force on domestic issues, but Republican supporters of the movement also have a distinct approach to national security and the U.S. role in the world. Tea Party Republicans favor an assertive foreign policy, are strong supporters of Israel and take a hard line against illegal immigration.

  • War and Sacrifice in the Post-9-11 Era

    Oct 05, 2011 - As the United States marks the 10th anniversary of the longest period of sustained warfare in its history, the overwhelming majority of veterans of the post-9/11 era are proud of their military service. At the same time, many report that they have had difficulties readjusting to civilian life, and have suffered from post-traumatic stress.

  • Obama Draws More Confidence than GOP Leaders on Deficit

    Sep 26, 2011 - While public confidence in President Obama on the budget deficit remains little changed since last December, confidence in congressional leaders, particularly Republican leaders in Congress, has plummeted.

  • Few See Job Proposals Having Much Effect

    Sep 07, 2011 - Nearly twice as many Americans cite the job situation over the federal budget deficit as the economic issue that worries them the most. But as President Obama readies a job package to propose to Congress, there is less clarity in the public’s views about ideas to address the job creation.

  • Most Plan to Watch Obama Jobs Speech

    Sep 06, 2011 - Nearly six-in-ten Americans say they plan to watch President Obama’s speech Thursday night to a joint session of Congress about his plans to spur job growth and help the struggling national economy. About as many Republicans say they plan to watch the GOP debate.

  • United in Remembrance, Divided over Policies

    Sep 01, 2011 - Ten years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the events of that day retain a powerful hold on the collective consciousness of the public, according to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Though a majority agrees the attacks changed the country in a major way, the public continues to be divided over many of the anti-terrorism policies that arose after Sept. 11.

  • Public Wants a Debt Ceiling Compromise, Expects a Deal Before Deadline

    Jul 26, 2011 - The public overwhelmingly favors a compromise in the debt ceiling standoff, with 68% saying they want lawmakers to reach a deal even if they disagree with it. A majority of Republicans who identify with the tea party say their representatives should stick to their principles.

  • Public Split Evenly on Urgency of Debt Limit Debate

    Jul 18, 2011 - Most Republicans say that it will not be a major problem if the debt ceiling is not raised by Aug. 2, while the balance of opinion is the reverse among Democrats.

  • Obama Draws More Confidence than Boehner, McConnell or Cantor on Debt Ceiling

    Jul 18, 2011 - Americans have more confidence in the president than congressional leaders to do the right thing, but only about of half of the public holds that opinion.

  • Public Now Divided on Debt Limit Debate

    Jul 11, 2011 - A national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press finds that the American public has grown more concerned that failing to raise the debt limit would force the government into default and hurt the economy. Despite this change, however, about as many Americans are concerned by the consequences of raising the nation’s debt limit as by the fallout from not doing so.

  • Public Wants Changes in Entitlements, Not Changes in Benefits

    Jul 07, 2011 - The public sees the need for changes to improve the performance and finances of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid but does not support reductions in benefits. Republicans have divisions in their ranks.

  • Majority Sees U.S. Leadership in Space as Essential

    Jul 05, 2011 - Nearly six-in-ten Americans say it is essential that the United States continue to be a world leader in space exploration and a majority say the shuttle program has been a good investment for the country, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

  • Four Years After Walter Reed, Government Still Faulted for Troop Support

    Jun 29, 2011 - Four years after revelations about military medical care at Walter Reed Hospital, most Americans continue to say that government support for troops returning from war falls short. Financial and mental health issues top concerns.

  • More Say GOP Would Be Mainly Responsible If No Increase In Debt Limit

    Jun 20, 2011 - Partisans express strong opinions about which side would be most responsible if no agreement is reached before federal borrowing hits the debt limit.

  • More Blame Wars than Domestic Spending or Tax Cuts for Nation's Debt

    Jun 07, 2011 - Public concern about the budget deficit has increased since the end of last year, but there is widespread opposition to a number of proposals aimed at reducing it.

  • Opposition to Ryan Medicare Plan from Older, Attentive Americans

    Jun 06, 2011 - The public offers a mixed reaction to the proposal to change Medicare, but there is broad, and strong, opposition among older Americans and those who are paying a lot of attention to the issue.

  • Obama Bump Recedes a Bit

    May 09, 2011 - Barack Obama’s job approval rating has fallen slightly since the day after Osama bin Laden’s death was announced. But the balance of opinion regarding Obama’s job performance remains more positive than it was in early April.

  • Why Are Gas Prices Rising? A Mix of Reasons

    May 05, 2011 -  As gas prices soar, many Americans pin the blame on greed or a push for higher profits among oil companies, speculators and oil-producing nations.

  • Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

    May 04, 2011 - The Pew Research Center’s new Political Typology finds that the public is more doctrinaire at each end of the ideological spectrum, yet more diverse in the middle than it has been in the past.

  • Public 'Relieved' By bin Laden's Death, Obama's Job Approval Rises

    May 03, 2011 - The public is reacting to the killing of Osama bin Laden with relief, happiness and pride. And Americans overwhelmingly credit the U.S. military and the CIA for the success of the operation.

  • Deficit: More Concern, Less Optimism

    Apr 26, 2011 - The public increasingly views the federal budget deficit as a major problem the country must address now. But fewer predict the country will achieve significant progress in reducing the deficit in five years than did so in December.

  • Economic Views Sag, Obama Rating Slips

    Apr 07, 2011 - About as many now approve as disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job. The president earns especially negative ratings on his handling of the budget deficit and the overall economy. However, ratings of both Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress are far more negative.

  • Opposition to Nuclear Power Rises Amid Japanese Crisis

    Mar 21, 2011 - In the wake of the crisis in Japan, support for increased use of nuclear power has declined while the surge in gas prices has boosted support for offshore oil and gas drilling.

  • Most See Role for Government in Reducing Childhood Obesity

    Mar 08, 2011 - While a 57%-majority says the government should work to curb obesity among children, few rate it a policy priority and there is strong opposition from conservatives.

  • Fewer Are Angry at Government, But Discontent Remains High

    Mar 03, 2011 - Americans' are less discontent with the federal government but no more ready for political compromise. Views of Congress remain heavily negative while Obama's ratings stay positive. On social issues, the public is, for the first time, evenly split on gay marriage, while support for legal abortion, legalized marijuana--but not gun control--have all risen.

  • More Side with Wisconsin Unions than Governor

    Feb 28, 2011 - By a 42%-to-31% margin, Americans side with public employee unions in their dispute with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. At the federal level, Obama and GOP leaders would share blame for a government shutdown.  

  • Public Favors Tougher Border Controls and Path to Citizenship

    Feb 24, 2011 - According to surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center, the public continues to favor tough measures to crack down on illegal immigration. Yet Americans see no contradiction in supporting both stepped-up border security and a way for people already in the United States illegally to gain citizenship.

  • In Showdown with Air Traffic Controllers, the Public Sided with Reagan

    Feb 22, 2011 - The bitter fight over union rights in Wisconsin calls to mind a labor battle that helped define the first year of Ronald Reagan's presidency.

  • Public Remains Divided Over the Patriot Act

    Feb 15, 2011 - With renewal being debated by Congress, opinions have changed only slightly since the Bush years; 42% call the law a needed anti-terrorism tool, 34% see it as a threat to civil liberties.

  • Fewer Want Spending to Grow, But Most Cuts Remain Unpopular

    Feb 10, 2011 - Views about federal spending are beginning to change. Americans no longer call for more spending on many popular programs. Still, support for cutting spending remains limited, though in a few cases it has risen noticeably.

  • Economy Dominates Public's Agenda, Dims Hopes for the Future

    Jan 20, 2011 - Americans overwhelmingly cite the economy and jobs as the most important issues facing the president and new Congress. On health care reform, roughly as many would like to see legislation expanded as have it repealed.

  • No Shift Toward Gun Control After Tucson Shootings

    Jan 19, 2011 - In the wake of the shootings in Arizona, public views on gun control and gun rights remain unchanged and sharply partisan. Most saw the event as the act of a troubled individual rather than as a sign of broader social problems.

  • For Public, Tough Year Ends on a Down Note

    Dec 16, 2010 - A Pew Research Center poll found that about nine-in-ten rate national economic conditions as only fair or poor, and majorities or pluralities think the country is losing ground on nine of 12 major issues. Still views aren't as dreary as they were two years ago.  

  • The Public and the Deficit: Consensus in Principle, Resistance in Practice

    Dec 09, 2010 - The latest Pew Research Center survey finds that while there is broad public consensus about the federal budget deficit (seven-in-ten say it is a major problem that must be addressed right away), that consensus evaporates when concrete deficit reduction proposals are tested.

  • Despite Years of Terror Scares, Public's Concerns Remain Fairly Steady

    Dec 02, 2010 - Since 9/11, close calls in the U.S. or terrorist attacks overseas do not seem to have much altered the public's worries about terrorism. Americans split over whether the U.S. is winning its campaign against terrorism.

  • Most Continue to Favor Gays Serving Openly in Military

    Nov 29, 2010 - A new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows that large majorities of Democrats and independents favor allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the armed forces. But among conservative Republicans, far more oppose than favor such a policy change.

  • Five Years After Katrina, Most Say Nation is Not Better Prepared

    Aug 26, 2010 - The national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Aug. 19-22 among 1,003 adults, finds that midway through the 2010 hurricane season, there is broad skepticism about the nation’s preparedness to deal with hurricanes and other natural disasters.

  • Public Remains Conflicted Over Islam

    Aug 24, 2010 - The poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, conducted Aug. 19-22 among 1,003 adults, finds that opinions about Islam are less favorable than in the summer of 2005.

  • Public Rejects Variety Of Options For Fixing State Budgets

    Jun 28, 2010 -  Most Americans see the deteriorating budget situations in many states as a problem that the states themselves – rather than the federal government – should solve. But when it comes to specific proposals to balance state budgets, there is more opposition than support for each option asked about – particularly cuts in funding for education and public safety programs

  • Public's Priorities for Congress: Jobs and Energy Top Immigration

    May 19, 2010 - Congress's ratings remain abysmal and Elena Kagan draws mixed ratings but half have no opinion, according to a new weekly survey by the Pew Research Center.

  • Broad Approval For New Arizona Immigration Law

    May 12, 2010 - The public broadly supports a new Arizona law aimed at dealing with illegal immigration and the law’s provisions giving police increased powers to stop and detain people who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

  • Oil Spill Seen as Ecological Disaster; Government, BP Responses Faulted

    May 11, 2010 - A majority of Americans see the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico as a major environmental disaster, but nearly as many voice optimism that efforts to control the spill will succeed.

  • Broad Public Support For Legalizing Medical Marijuana

    Apr 01, 2010 - Nearly three-quarters of Americans—across all political and demographic groups—say they favor allowing sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes. Support for general legalization is lower but has continued to rise over the past two decades.

  • Public Divided Over State, Local Laws Banning Handguns

    Mar 23, 2010 - The public is divided over whether state and local governments should be able to pass laws banning the sale and possession of handguns. The Supreme Court is expected to rule in the next few months on the constitutionality of a 28-year-old Chicago law prohibiting handgun ownership in that city.

  • Gloomy Americans Bash Congress, Are Divided on Obama

    Mar 18, 2010 - As the day of reckoning for health care reform approaches, Americans have little to cheer about, according to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Nearly everyone (92%) gives the national economy a negative rating. Closer to home, 85% say that jobs are hard to find in their community.

  • Support for Alternative Energy and Offshore Drilling

    Mar 02, 2010 - Americans strongly favor increased funding for wind, solar and hydrogen technology as well as mass transit, but majorities also support offshore drilling and nuclear power. Half have heard nothing at all about "cap and trade."

  • Favorability Ratings of Labor Unions Fall Sharply

    Feb 23, 2010 - A nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press finds that favorable opinions of unions have fallen across demographic and partisan groups. Still, far more Democrats have favorable views of unions (56%) than do independents (38%) or Republicans (29%).

  • Millennials' Lukewarm Support For Health Care Bills

    Feb 05, 2010 - A third of Millennials lack health care insurance, and their support for health care reform exceeds that of older generations, but they have tuned out of the debate in Washington.

  • Senate Legislative Process A Mystery To Many

    Jan 28, 2010 - The Pew Research Center's latest News IQ Quiz finds that the public struggled with political questions; despite expressing strong interest in the health care debate, few know how many votes it takes to break a filibuster or how many GOP votes the bill got in the Senate. Less than half can identify the Senate majority leader...or Stephen Colbert. Before reading the report, see how much you know by taking the quiz.  

  • The Public's Priorities for 2010: Economy, Jobs, Terrorism

    Jan 25, 2010 - A stronger economy and improved job situation remain nation's top priorities, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. But strong shifts have occurred on energy (down) and the budget deficit (up). Huge partisan gaps exist on health care reform and global warming.

  • Obama Image Unscathed By Terrorism Controversy

    Jan 14, 2010 - The government's rating for reducing the threat of terrorism has slipped. Americans are now more concerned with safety than civil liberties, while few see an upside to health care reform. However, the president's political standing is little affected, according to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

  • At Year's End, Nation Remains Divided

    Dec 16, 2009 - The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press finds roughly half the country now approves of President Obama's performance. The nation is also divided on Afghanistan and health care. One rare point of agreement: the economy remains poor.

  • Where the Public Stands on Immigration Reform

    Nov 23, 2009 - Polls find significant support for both tougher enforcement and a "path to citizenship," but several factors suggest that a new push for reform could be a difficult one.

  • Abortion Plays Small Role in Health Reform Opposition

    Nov 19, 2009 - While most Americans oppose government funding of abortion, few cite funding as a reason for opposing health care reform legislation. If anything, opposition to reform has declined since abortion was debated, with currently 42% in favor and 39% opposed to the reform proposals in Congress.

  • A Year Out, Widespread Anti-Incumbent Sentiment

    Nov 11, 2009 - The mood of America is glum. Most are dissatisfied with the state of the nation, economic conditions, personal finances and an increasing number say the war in Afghanistan is not going well, according to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Still, a majority continues to approve of Obama's job as president.

  • Searching For Clues in the Global Warming Puzzle

    Oct 27, 2009 - Why do fewer Americans believe the earth is warming? A range of possibilities, including a sour economy and, perhaps, a cooler than normal summer in parts of the U.S., may provide an explanation.

  • Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming

    Oct 22, 2009 - Substantially more Republicans and independents now doubt that global temperatures are rising. Still, by 50% to 39%, the public supports capping carbon emissions even if energy prices rise.

  • What Does the Public Know?

    Oct 14, 2009 - There is a lot to keep up with in the news right now. The Pew Research Center's latest News IQ Quiz finds that many Americans know key facts about health care and the economy, but questions about Afghanistan and environmental legislation in Congress stump the public. Before reading the report, see how much you know by taking the quiz.  

  • Mixed Views of Economic Policies and Health Care Reform Persist

    Oct 08, 2009 - Public opinion is conflicted regarding the two major domestic issues of the day – the economy and health care reform. On the economy, most Americans remain optimistic that Barack Obama’s policies will help, but the public expresses mixed views of the steps he has taken so far and sees no clear signs of recovery at this point.

  • Obama Approval Ratings Steady, Personal Image Remains Positive

    Sep 17, 2009 - Obama’s job approval ratings, which had declined in the summer, have remained essentially unchanged over the past month. And the balance of opinion regarding the health care reform proposals before Congress has become a bit more positive than it was in late August, though the public is about evenly divided over those proposals.

  • Public Souring on Washington

    Aug 19, 2009 - More say the president and GOP leaders are not working together, as Obama's approval inches lower and the Democratic Party's favorability falls sharply. Opinion about the economy remains negative with personal financial assessments becoming more bearish, according to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

  • Budget Woes Take Toll on Views of State Governments

    Aug 11, 2009 - The falloff in favorable views has been greater in states with the largest deficits, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Also, views of the federal government have shifted dramatically over partisan lines under the new administration.

  • Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media

    Jul 09, 2009 - A new survey of scientists and the public finds large majorities holding positive views of science. But scientists are concerned about Americans' ignorance of scientific findings and large differences exist between the two groups' views on evolution and global warming. Still, both groups overwhelmingly agree government investments in science and technology pay off in the long run.

  • Independents Take Center Stage in the Obama Era

    May 21, 2009 - Centrism has emerged as a dominant factor in public opinion as the Obama administration begins. Republicans and Democrats are even more divided than in the past, while an increasing number of Americans identify as independents. The Pew Research Center's long-term values study tracks beliefs and attitudes—on government, business, race, religion and more—shaping public opinion and influencing voting behavior.

  • Through Boom and Bust: Minorities, Immigrants and Homeownership

    May 12, 2009 - The ups and downs in the U.S. housing market over the past decade and a half have generated both greater gains and larger losses for minority groups than for whites, according to an analysis of housing, economic and demographic data by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

  • Obama at 100 Days: Strong Job Approval, Even Higher Personal Ratings

    Apr 23, 2009 - As he approaches the 100-day mark of his presidency, Barack Obama’s job approval ratings are higher than those of his most recent predecessors. However, the 44th president is even more distinguished by his strong personal popularity.

  • Partisan Bickering Is Back, Says Public

    Apr 08, 2009 - A majority of Americans (53%) currently says that Republicans and Democrats have been bickering and opposing each more than usual, while just a quarter (25%) say the two sides have been working together more. The biggest partisan gap over budget priorities is with respect to health care.

  • Americans Favor Carbon Cap, Gays in the Military and Renewing U.S.-Cuba Ties

    Mar 25, 2009 - The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press explores the public's opinion of several proposals that are currently being considered or may emerge in the future.

  • Most Support Health Care Overhaul but Fewer Want Total Rebuild than in 1993

    Mar 19, 2009 - The public still favors government-guaranteed health insurance and support for stem-cell research remains unchanged, according to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

  • Public Has Split Verdict on Increased Level of Unmarried Motherhood

    Mar 19, 2009 - A new report shows out-of-wedlock births rose to record levels in 2007. A Pew Research survey that year found wide concern about the social costs, but only a minority saw such births as morally wrong.

  • Obama’s Approval Rating Slips Amid Division Over Economic Proposals

    Mar 16, 2009 - Most people think the new president is doing as much as he can to fix the economy, but the public expresses mixed views of his many major proposals to fix the economy. The public overwhelmingly supports Obama's plan to remove most combat troops from Iraq by the end of August but a much narrower majority supports his planned troop buildup in Afghanistan.

  • One-In-Five Homeowners Feel “Underwater” On Mortgages

    Feb 19, 2009 - The young, the less affluent and members of minority groups are more likely to say their homes are worth less than what they owe on their mortgages, according to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

  • No Place Like Home -- Even if the Value Is in the Tank

    Feb 19, 2009 - Not even a housing-led recession can shake Americans' faith in the blessings of homeownership.

  • Obama Faces Familiar Divisions Over Anti-Terror Policies

    Feb 18, 2009 - Americans approve of Obama's handling of terrorist threats by more than two-to-one but views about Guantanamo, torture and surveillance remain divided along familiar lines.

  • Support for Stimulus Plan Slips, But Obama Rides High

    Feb 09, 2009 - After weeks of intense debate over President Obama’s economic stimulus plan, a narrow majority of Americans who have heard about the $800 billion plan say it is a good idea, while 34% say it is a bad idea.

  • Economy, Jobs Trump All Other Policy Priorities In 2009

    Jan 22, 2009 - While it is not unusual for Americans to prioritize domestic over foreign policy, a new Pew Research Center survey finds strengthening the economy and improving the job situation are higher priorities today than at any point over the past decade, and the recent upward trend has been steep.

  • Gains Seen On Minority Discrimination - But Little Else

    Jan 07, 2009 - As Barack Obama prepares to take office, majorities say the country is losing ground on any number of key issues, particularly economic ones.

  • What a Year! People-Press Poll Reports in 2008

    Dec 16, 2008 - Findings from Pew Research Center polls over the year told the story of the longest -- and one of the most exciting -- presidential elections in U.S. history as well as recording the public's reactions to other major events ranging from the pope's visit, to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the onset of a mega-economic downturn.

  • Hillary’s New Job Better Known than Dow Jones Average

    Dec 15, 2008 - While just about everyone knows Obama's new secretary of state, fewer than half were generally aware of where the Dow is trading these days. A new Pew News IQ survey provides an updated look at the public's knowledge of political and world affairs.

  • Public Not Desperate About Economy or Personal Finances

    Oct 15, 2008 - Americans are concerned about the nation’s economic problems and they register the lowest level of national satisfaction ever measured in a Pew Research Center survey. But there is little indication that the nation’s financial crisis has triggered public panic or despair.

  • Inside the Middle Class: Bad Times Hit the Good Life

    Apr 09, 2008 - This report on the attitudes and lives of the American middle class combines results of a new Pew Research Center national public opinion survey with the center's analysis of relevant economic and demographic trend data from the Census Bureau.

  • Public Sends Mixed Signals on Energy Policy

    Mar 06, 2008 - At a time of rising energy prices, the public continues to be conflicted in its overall approach toward energy and the environment.

  • Global Warming Falls Still Farther on Republicans' Policy Agenda

    Jan 30, 2008 - Just 12% of Republications call global warming a "top priority."  

  • An Even More Partisan Agenda for 2008

    Jan 24, 2008 - The latest survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press finds signs of considerable unease with the nation's economy. While opinions about the economy have not declined since fall, they are the most negative economic ratings at the beginning of any presidential year since 1992.

  • What Was -- and Wasn’t -- On the Public’s Mind in 2007

    Dec 19, 2007 - The Pew Research Center released a compilation of the top 15 stories in which public opinion played a significant role, and the year's most notable "non-barking dogs."

  • Report: Mixed Views on Immigration Bill

    Jun 01, 2007 - The public is ambivalent about the immigration bill being debated by the Senate.Yet one of the bill's primary goals, to provide a way for people who are in this country illegally to gain legal citizenship under certain conditions, wins broad bipartisan support.

  • Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream

    May 01, 2007 - The first-ever, nationwide, random sample survey of Muslim Americans found them to be largely assimilated, happy with their lives, and moderate.

  • Emerging Priorities for 2006 – Energy, Crime and Environment

    Jan 25, 2006 - Results of a 2006 public opinion poll on the economy, national priorities and President Bush's State of the Union address.

  • Confidence In PA State Government At Lowest Point in Two Years

    Oct 14, 2005 - IssuesPA/Pew poll findings on confidence in Pennsylvania's government.

  • Findings On Religion, Politics And Party Influence

    Aug 30, 2005 - Results of a summer 2005 public opinion poll on U.S. attitudes about religion and politics.

  • Plurality Favors Centrist Court Nominee; Republicans Uncertain on Rove Resignation

    Jul 21, 2005 - National survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press on opinions of Karl Rove, the Supreme Court and President Bush.

  • Commentary on Social Security Polling: Cross Currents in Opinion About Private Accounts

    Jan 28, 2005 - Poll finds that public opinion on Social Security proposals in circulation appears to be flexible.

  • 'Trends 2005' by the Pew Research Center

    Jan 25, 2005 - Information projects of the Pew Research Center take the pulse of the American public in this reference book, "Trends 2005."

  • In Good Company (Fall 2004 Trust Magazine article)

    Oct 01, 2004 -  A new subsidiary — the Pew Research Center — is one change following Pew's governing transformation. The components of this organization, however, are well known.

  • A Year of Contention at Home and Abroad

    Jan 29, 2004 - A 2003 year-end report from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press summarizes nearly 50,000 interviews in the U.S. and worldwide.

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