Children and Youth

The Philadelphia region is home to close to a million children under the age of 18; of those, nearly 1 in 3 are poor. Large numbers of these young people lack academic and life skills that are critical to a productive future. A significant portion also have mental health disorders but are not receiving treatment for their conditions.

To address these needs, the Pew Fund for Health and Human Services in Philadelphia supports programs that improve the quality of early education; provide caregivers—both parents and professionals— information and training to prevent or reduce problem behaviors in young children; assist families in obtaining appropriate mental health services for their children; and provide high quality out of school time opportunities to disadvantaged youth, which help them complete school, build relationships with adult mentors and make a contribution to their neighborhoods and communities.

The Pew Fund was created by Pew in 1991 to support nonprofits in Philadelphia and nearby Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

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