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Increased resource extraction and commercial development has placed new pressures on America’s most unspoiled land, particularly in the West. Some of our most pristine landscapes critical to clean water, healthy fish and wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation are under assault from timber, mining and other industrial development, as well as off-road-vehicle use.

Pew supports several initiatives aimed at protecting wilderness and public lands within the United States.


  • Your Wilderness -- September 2013 Newsletter

    Sep 13, 2013 - Read the September 2013 issue of Your Wilderness featuring the latest wilderness news, including the 49th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, a trip to the Book Cliffs of Utah and the most extreme forestry policy of the last century.

  • Infographic: 2012 Conservation Victories

    Dec 19, 2012 - With wins for clean energy, lands and the ocean, 2012 was an important year for conservation. The Pew Environment Group's new infographic celebrates these wins, and the tens of thousands of Pew Environment Group supporters who made them possible.

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