Ocean Science Division

The world's oceans are vitally important to all life on Earth. However, human activities are altering marine ecosystems in highly detrimental ways. To better protect our oceans, we need a greater understanding of how serious threats – overfishing, widespread pollution and global climate change – are altering these environments.

To improve our knowledge of ocean ecosystems and the life they support, the Ocean Science Division pursues a diverse portfolio of projects related to marine conservation.  We develop and support scientific research, technical analyses and syntheses of scientific information that help to explain critical emerging issues, inform policy and advance solutions to conservation problems.

The Ocean Science Division includes several major initiatives aimed at improving our scientific knowledge about the problems faced by the world’s oceans and identifying the policies that could help solve them. These efforts include:

Lenfest Ocean Program
The Lenfest Ocean Program supports scientific research aimed at forging solutions to the challenges facing the global marine environment.

Pew Fellows in Marine Conservation 
The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation since 1996 has awarded fellowships to world-class conservation scientists and other marine conservation leaders to pursue innovative projects concerning ocean life.

Sea Around Us
The Sea Around Us Project, a scientific collaboration between the University of British Columbia and the Pew Environment Group, develops and analyzes global databases that contribute to understanding the impacts of fishing on the world’s marine ecosystems.


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