Markets Program

For more than two centuries, the United States has remained a land of opportunity. The nation has a vibrant market economy, which has enabled unsurpassed levels of economic entrepreneurship. Yet, even from the nation’s earliest days, its founders recognized the perils of a market left solely to the desires of industry and individuals. While Americans pride themselves on a commitment to the free market, government has historically played a large and often under-recognized role in the day-to-day functioning of the economy. By developing a robust fact base that captures the extent to which the federal government is involved in various aspects of the economy, the markets program quantifies the impact of that commitment, shines a spotlight on examples of waste and promotes policies to increase efficiency.

  • Subsidyscope

    Subsidyscope amplifies public and policy-maker awareness of the size and scope of federal spending on subsidies. The project aggregates information on direct payments, tax expenditures, loan guarantees, insurance and other financial interventions into the most comprehensive, open-source database of federal subsidy spending on the Web.

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