Fiscal and Budget Program

The United States and its policy makers face a host of serious fiscal challenges. Budget deficits are growing, the economy has weakened, Social Security is unsound, health care spending is putting immense pressure on budgets, tax policy is at a crossroads and borrowing is projected to reach unsustainable levels. The fiscal and budget program elevates fiscal responsibility as a primary element of federal executive and legislative leadership, promotes reforms to the budget process that enable greater transparency and supports policies that are critical to ensuring the nation’s long-term economic health.

  • Federal Budget Reform Initiative

    The federal budget reform initiative develops targeted recommendations for legislation that will result in meaningful improvements to the federal government’s budgeting process. 
  • Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform

    The Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform seeks to modernize the outdated congressional budget process, especially in light of the daunting economic challenges facing the nation. Working with the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and the Committee for a Responsible Budget, Pew is working to build bipartisan consensus on a core set of reforms.
  • Pew Fiscal Analysis Initiative

    Pew's fiscal analysis initiative seeks to increase fiscal accountability, responsibility, and transparency by providing independent and unbiased information to policy makers and the public as they consider the major policy issues facing our nation.

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