Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences

The Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences provides support for young scientists from Latin America to receive postdoctoral training in the United States. The program gives these individuals an opportunity to further their scientific knowledge, promotes exchange and collaboration between investigators in the U.S. and Latin America, and advances research in Latin America.

The Pew Fellowship provides a $30,000 salary stipend in each of two years and an additional $35,000 payment when the Fellow confirms plans to return to Latin America within a maximum of four years from the start date of the grant. The $35,000 portion of the award is for the purchase of supplies and equipment to help establish his/her independent laboratory upon the Fellow's return to Latin America. At the time of application, candidates are not required to have a commitment of a position and laboratory space after the fellowship. However, applicants must submit a written statement of their intent to return to Latin America to continue their research career after the fellowship.

Read the announcement of the 2013 Latin American Fellows in the Biomedical Sciences. The 2014 application is now closed, as of October 1, 2013.

To apply, potential candidates need to identify and obtain a commitment from the head of a laboratory in the United States for a postdoctoral position. The program office will provide assistance to prospective candidates to identify investigators with similar research interests who may be interested in hiring postdoctoral fellows. For information, potential applicants may email Anita Pepper, director, Pew Biomedical Programs, at

Applicants to the program are initially reviewed by regional selection committees in Latin America. Final selection is completed by a scientific advisory committee in the United States. Fellows are selected on the basis of their promise as outstanding investigators as well as the scientific merit of their research proposal, their record of training, and the match of their interests with those of their host laboratory in the United States.

If the Sponsor is willing to provide continued employment with salary and benefits for the Fellow, a request may be made to Pew to extend the time period of the fellowship up to 12 additional months. The maximum time period of the Pew Fellowship is 60 months.

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