Innovation has propelled our economy forward for decades. The quality and diversity of our food supply is the envy of many nations. New and better drugs improve and extend our lives in ways inconceivable a generation ago. Advances in manufacturing have led to modern consumer products that make every day easier.

Many products have inherent risks—knives can cut, stoves can burn and cars can collide—and responsible consumers are expected to protect themselves from obvious hazards. Yet, some items come with unnecessary risks that can jeopardize the health and well being of Americans. Health threats are particularly unacceptable when unknown to consumers.

Based on research and critical analysis, the Pew Health Group seeks to improve the health and well-being of all Americans. It advocates policies that reduce potentially dangerous health risks in consumer, medical and food products and services.

  • Consumer Product Safety

    Pew works to better protect Americans’ health and well being by reducing dangerous and unnecessary risks in household and financial products.
  • Food and Health

    Through its food-safety and nutrition initiatives, the Pew Health Group addresses a variety of threats to the nation’s health and to the safety of its food supply.
  • Medical Safety

    Our initiatives, including programs on prescription drug safety and the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms, work to protect Americans by advancing solutions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical products and services.

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