Medical Safety

America’s doctors and healthcare facilities offer health products, therapies and treatments that were unimaginable 50 years ago. The development and use of biologics such as blood products, vaccines and gene therapies has exploded in recent years, providing hope and relief for patients when no other medical treatments are available. We should be able to trust the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and the hospitals we visit to improve and save our lives.

Pew works to protect the public by advancing solutions to ensure the safety of medical products and services. Our initiatives, including established programs on prescription drug safety and the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms, increase both government and corporate accountability. Our campaigns carefully assess health risks, promote safe practices, and strengthen federal and state laws and regulations. The work is grounded on sound science and the realistic evaluation of the policy environment to promote reform.

  • Antibiotics and Innovation

    Pew's antibiotics and innovation project addresses the growing public health challenge of multidrug-resistant infections by supporting policies that stimulate and encourage the development of antibiotics to treat life-threatening illnesses.
  • Drug Safety Project

    The Drug Safety Project works to ensure a safe, reliable pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution system.
  • Innovate FDA

    Innovate FDA will examine the ability of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to carry out its critical mission of ensuring that medical products are safe and effective while at the same time facilitating the development of new products that can improve human health. It aims to achieve this by fostering and supporting improvements in the FDA’s scientific staff, tools, and regulatory processes.
  • Medical Device Initiative

    The Medical Device Initiative seeks to improve the tracking of medical device safety and to foster innovation that benefits patients through streamlined device approvals.
  • Pew Prescription Project

    Pew works to reduce risks from unsafe prescription drugs by seeking changes in federal law and regulation that improve oversight of drug manufacturing and curb problems stemming from conflicts of interest.

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